Wharf Rental Management COVID-19 Update

All housekeeping products and cleaners used are approved disinfectant cleaners.

All laundry has been properly sanitized in a commercial grade laundry facility using approved disinfectant linen chemicals.

Our housekeeping team will provide a thorough cleaning after all guest departures to include but not limited to:

· Wiping down of all light switches, lamps, cupboard handles, doorknobs, banisters, remotes, and thermostats.

· Wiping down of all appliances, handles, buttons, face fronts, grills, vacuum cleaners and irons.

· Run all of dishes, pans and flatware through the dishwasher.

· Sanitize high-contamination sites. Bathroom toilets, sinks, tubs, showers and trash cans.

· Sanitize couches, chairs, rugs and fabric furniture with aerosol disinfectant.

· Replacing all air filters with new.

All condos will be inspected by a Housekeeping Supervisor and all entry door knobs, handles, locks, keys and keypads will be disinfected after inspection of the property to ensure additional sanitation.

*For the protection of our guests, housekeeping and maintenance personnel, we will not preform work in units that are occupied unless under emergency circumstances. We will do our best to troubleshoot these over the phone as needed.

Wharf Rental Management Covid Update